Saturday, February 7, 2009

10 years ago I was listening to...

Yes, I know it's crazy that I remember what I was listening to x-number of years ago, but you have to understand two things. One, I am freakish when it comes to dates and memories. (Just ask my husband. I amaze him with this skill/anomaly all the time.) And two, music is how I mark time. Because music has always been an important part of my life, I can usually remember albums or songs that correspond with major -- and even minor -- events in my life.

So on that note, here are some of the albums I was listening to 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was a senior in college, trying to decide between moving to Providence, RI on my own or moving somewhere -- yet to be determined -- with my on-again-off-again college BF. For some reason, staying in Columbus with my best friends from college didn't seem to be an option. I felt the need for moving on, forward or backward, but definitely not "staying put."


- Sunny Day Real Estate "How It Feels to Be Something On"
- Built To Spill "Keep It Like A Secret"
- Smog "Knock Knock"
- Hole "Celebrity Skin"
- Cat Power "Moon Pix"
- Scrawl "Nature Film"

I also listened to a lot of older Liz Phair and other female artists...probably reflective of the part of me that wanted to do my own thing and move to an unknown city. It's funny because I thought I sold myself out by moving to Atlanta "with a boy" instead of kicking it on my own, but in the end that ended up being not the case. Yes, I moved here "with a boy" but it became my city, my one else's. It took me a while to realize this, but often you don't know what path you're on until you're a ways into it. These were some of the albums that kicked off that journey.


Anonymous said...

I recently went through a phase of listening to lots of old 90s 'grunge/alternative' music... Liz Phair's album was on rotation A LOT.

I wanted to leave Cbus after college, too...not sure how I stayed here so long, but it's def. become more of 'my city' than it was DURING college.

While I couldn't tell you what I was listening to X years ago, I DO associate specific songs and/or bands with certain events... often really minor things that can't even be considered events. I can recall something like my friend Bob coming over to see our new house, driving his teal green car, and hooking up his portable CD player to listen to the Offspring...and the music is usually the strongest point of the memory.

ks said...

And any time you hear a certain song or album, it usually brings that random memory to the forefront.