Saturday, June 12, 2010


Consider it an amuse-bouche. I have a Tumblr now:

In keeping with the "Good Part is Now" theme, I created the Tumblr as a place where I can post the little things that make me happy. Things I find that tickled my of things that make me smile.

I'll still try and post on this blog when I feel the urge to write more than 140 characters or post a video or link online. But for little tastes of Kristen and The Good Part's Next, feel free to check out the Tumblr.

Friday, June 11, 2010

You want a post? Here you go..

Why haven't I been blogging lately?

I'm too busy being happy, dammit.

That's right. I'm happy. And I'm encountering obstacles every day. But I'm still happy.
My life is all rainbows from rainclouds these days. Literally. See that photo? I thought for a moment I was having a sad day, but then I saw that rainbow. And not just any! A DOUBLE RAINBOW. How often do you see a sign like that? Not often. My frown turned upside down.....Happy.

Two weeks ago I was in NYC and having a frustrating morning after plans didn't go as scheduled. I felt rushed for time. I felt anxious about making an afternoon train to Long Island. I started to -- for a very brief moment -- get cranky & sad. I decided I needed to "take a moment" and sit down -- on the floor, no less -- of Grand Central Terminal. At noon. In NYC.... So I sat down on the marble floor & tried to correct my attitude. I had been so happy the entire trip; I didn't want to ruin things for the rest of it. I looked up. Up on the ceiling, next to Sagitarrius or one of those zodiac figures, there was a smiley face Mylar balloon...smiling right down at me.

I began to both sob AND burst into hysterical laughter. This continued on for about 5 full minutes. I sat down to to "take a moment" and get my attitude straight, and the universe decided to make that happen right away. Once again I was given a sign that everything was A-OK and that I just needed to smile. It reminded me of what was important. Of where I was. Of who I was with. Of all that's right. It reminded me to be happy. And I was....from that moment on.

When I returned home from my amazing Memorial Day vacation 1) four hours late 2) at 1:30am on the night before a hellish day of work and 3) with no "juice" left on my iPhone or energy left in my body, my hot water heater decided to start spewing water all over my utility closet & hallway floor. I had the pleasure of dealing with this by myself for the next 2.5 hours on my hands & knees. Thankfully, my brother was able to guide me via text message on some of the temporary repairs, so that I could at least get a little sleep without worry of a household deluge. Over the next 2 days, I found a plumber myself, dealt with the no-water situation myself, and oversaw the replacement of the water heater myself.....ALL WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE. The plumber even commented that he was so impressed by my good attitude over the matter (and the $950 repair). My response? It doesn't do my any good or make me feel any better to be sad or angry. I might as well just deal with it and be happy.

I've faced similar situations with: My Car (needed a new engine, warranty company denied the claim, fought the warranty company, and won). My Yard (fought with weedeaters, lawnmowers, 67 bags of mulch, incessant weeds, heat exhaustion, snakes, possums, and an unlevel kiddie pool that I won't let get the best of me). My Job (all the usual suspects here + increased volume of product + increased sales + increased responsibilities & new large marketing project). Yet despite all of these hurdles, I AM HAPPY, DAMMIT.

Oh, and did you know I "passed therapy?" I'm too damn happy that MY THERAPIST TOLD ME NOT TO COME BACK. See was so pleased with everything I was doing and the ways in which I was handling every obstacle, every tough conversation, every decision that she told me I didn't even need therapy. I'm happy dammit! She didn't need my $35 every few weeks. Told me to go take myself out to dinner. So I did! HAPPY.

I'm stupidly, giddily, excitedly, spiritually, emotionally, blissfully happy. No matter if I have a cold, if I'm making a cocktail, if I'm stuck in a power outage, if I'm playing with the dog, if I'm stuck on a Tarmac, or if I'm sitting on a beach with my feet in the sand. I'm happy. And I'm not regretful. And I'm filled with love and hope and confidence. (And often times, good food & drink.)

So if you want to know why I've been too busy to write, it's because I've been too busy living. To the fullest. And to the the truest form of me I've ever known. THAT'S what I've been doing.

The good part isn't next. The good part is NOW.

And I can't wait for it to get even better.