Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Active Listening

Her:  "I feel that I wish you would make coffee now."

Him:  "I'll make it in just a second."

[Seven minutes elapse as He stares intently at the iPad.]

Her: "I feel that you don't have the same understanding of 'now' as I do."

Him:  [realizing the moment is ripe for active listening]
"What I'm hearing is that you want coffee 'now.'"

Her: "You are hearing me correctly."

Him: "What I'm feeling is that you are disappointed in *me* that I have not made coffee now."

Her:  "I hear that you are feeling I am disappointed in you.  However, I am more disappointed that there is not coffee in my belly."

It's a good thing we are practicing our "active listening" before the wedding.