Wednesday, February 4, 2009

8 years ago I was listening to...

Okay...I am too lazy and/or busy lately to come up with well-crafted blog posts, so I'm going to do a few list posts like this to bide my time until I feel more "inspired." For my [few] readers out there, consider this your open thread. I'll post the albums I remember listening to and loving x-number of years ago, and you do the same. Feel free to include why those albums stick out in your memory and/or why you may have chose those specific bands or genres. It's a mini-biographical game, if you will....without the pressure of a Facebook "25 Random Things" posting.

8 years ago I was in a free-for-all. I had called off an engagement to my high-school and off-again/on-again college sweetheart. I was living with my grandmother. I had been dumped by my rebound boyfriend. On top of all of that, I went out too much, slept too little, was far more outgoing, but far more disappointed in myself. Taking that into consideration, read what you will into my music choices for the winter/spring of 2001.

Here are some of the albums I kept in rotation:


- At The Drive In "Relationship of Command"
- Cursive "Domestica"
- The Faint "Blank Wave Arcade" (lots of dancing this winter)
- Les Savy Fav "The Cat & The Cobra"
- The Lapse "Heaven Ain't Happenin'"
- The Causey Way "With Loving and Open Arms" and "Causey vs. Everything" (I was asked by Scott "aka Boy Causey" to be in this band over a glass of lie)
- Mogwai "Come On Die Young" and "Rock Action" (there was LOTS of Mogwai this year)
- Unwound "The Leaves Turn Inside You"

What were you listening to 8 years ago?


comoprozac said...

In 2001, I listened to...
At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command
Stephen Malkmus - Stephen Malkmus
Built to Spill - Ancient Melodies of the Future
The Strokes - This Is It
Modest Mouse - Sad Sappy Sucker, Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks
Fugazi - The Argument
Silver Jews - Bright Flight
The Shins - Oh, Inverted World
And probably something else I'm missing.

Anonymous said...

So, how the heck do you remember what you were listening to 8 years ago? I *think* I was first getting into more 'jamband' types of music, but who knows.