Tuesday, July 1, 2008

List #3: Top 1 Thing You DON'T want to find in your mailbox

A top 5 list could be boring....bills....a wedding invitation from an ex....etc.

But I only have one thing on my list: A Black Widow Spider.

YEP. I FOUND one on top of the mail I pulled out of the mailbox tonight. It was just sitting right there on top of my water bill!

Needless to say, I threw my mail in the air in a [slightly, but deservedly so] melodramatic fashion and then proceeded to stoop down and take a look at the thing. That's when I observed its two little red dots in an hourglass shape on its bloated black belly. I then commenced scolding the spider and said, "Please Don't Come Back to My Mailbox Again." At that point a jogger ran around me and my scattered mail mess in the street. For effect, I stomped on the intruder. (The spider, not the jogger.)

UPDATE 7/2/08: Tyler found ANOTHER ONE on our driveway today. It was alive and well and appeared to be happy, "post-kill" of an unsuspecting bumblebee. You will be pleased to know that the spider is no longer "alive and well" (much like the bumblebee), and the proper authorities (i.e., Decatur Pest Control) have been alerted of the problem.


comoprozac said...

2. a badger - Those things will mess you up.

ks said...

um, yes. that WOULD be #2. yikes.

(i'm not sure we have badgers here. we may be below the badger-line.)