Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fly the friendly skies

So, you're saying it's your right to carry a gun from home into the Atlanta airport (up to the security checkpoint), but yet I can't even carry a bottle of water or a mug of coffee from home on my flight?

So people can have guns at the ticketing counters and around the security lines where tensions run highest? Neat. Maybe if we're all afraid that everyone else is "packing, " though, we'll be more well-behaved toward those airline employees and fellow travelers. Right?


[WARNING....may offend older viewers....younger viewers...viewers who value proper grammar....well, pretty much anyone....]

Oh, and after watching the YouTube of this [lovely] young lady on MARTA, I'm not sure I feel any safer knowing guns are cool on trains now either. Grandma (I mean "Shawty/George Bush/Shawty/Ho") may have said, "Know what, baby girl? I don't like your tone OR your poor Soulja Boy rendition.....BLAM, BLAM." Or it could be the freaked out suburban kid in the back of that train that did it just because he felt "threatened" by her bad rapping.

I'm not sure what to say. I understand 2nd Amendment concerns and arguments, but are people that afraid ALL the time? So afraid that they have to carry their handguns to the airport to pick up the wife & kids? If so, I think they make drugs for that. And meditation. And church. Or whatever it is you need to feel sane and protected. Now, I think I need all of the above because I'm feeling pretty spooked. Hmmmm.


comoprozac said...


ks said...

i assume you're talking about the video? she's a little bit.....dramatic, no?

or are you WTF'ing the guns in the airport deal....cuz that's a bit "wild west"-ish, too.

ks said...

I should add that I actually know a guy that is STOKED about this new gun law. He is more than excited about the new ability to take his concealed handgun (w/permit, course) into restaurants, MARTA, and basically just "on his person" everywhere, including the airport. What concerns me is that he's just the "uneven-tempered" sort that I would not trust with a gun on a MARTA train in a situation like the "soulja girl" episode.

John DeHass said...

I think she was well within her bounds to be pissed off at that grandma. That grandma had a crazy look about her, and if she got a cap in the ass she had it coming. That girl was just defending her rep.

ks said...

Tru dat!!!