Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's Lesson: Save the Best for Last

Today's Lesson = "Save the Best for Last."

Case in point...I went to Whole Foods, my old standby, for lunch & a couple of items for tonight's dinner. I forgot to pick up a shopping basket, and proceeded to carelessly fill my hands with too many items. (I'm a smart girl, I swear. Sometimes I just don't think ahead.)
Well, since my hands were so full, I didn't feel like perusing the Hot Bar. Instead, I just grabbed a pre-made burrito, a cookie and a drink.

After paying for my food & hopping in the car, I decided that I couldn't wait to eat the delicious-looking Peanut Butter cookie I picked up for dessert. I decided to eat my cookie then -- right there -- in the car. So impetuous!

Now, I'm not usually one to "eat my dessert first," and my husband and family will tell you I'm kind of "particular" about doing things in their proper order. I threw caution to the wind and ate my cookie FIRST. And it was DELICIOUS. (It was the Vegan Peanut Butter cookie from WF, if you're taking notes.)
It was easily the most delicious PB cookie I've ever had. Melt in your mouth, buttery-sweet turn to liquid-gold-in-your-mouth GOOD. Yum.

As soon as I got back to the office I happily microwaved my burrito and then sat down to enjoy my lunch. Even though I ate "out of order" I had high hopes for said burrito. Eh. Turned out that was not the case....Whole Foods Adobo Chicken Burrito, you let me down. Too tomato-ey, too rice-y...overall, not very enjoyable. And the kicker? I'm stuck with a bleck burrito taste in my mouth coupled with the disappointment of not having "dessert" -- all because I was impatient and threw "caution to the wind."

If only I had saved the "best for last," I could have made up for a not-so-great burrito with a truly fabulous cookie. All would be well. Instead? I'm blogging about a burrito?!?! Oh my.....

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