Saturday, January 10, 2009

On second thought

After watching the BCS "championship" game on Thursday night between Florida and Oklahoma, I could not help but be swayed by the ever-present praise of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Now, I have stated previously (on Facebook and other such outlets) that "I don't care about Tim Tebow. I really don't. Sorry." So you might think that the announcers of Thursday's game -- and their obvious, undying love for Tebow -- would have grated on my nerves (to the Nth degree). You might think that I would have been bothered by their neglect to lavish much/any praise on the "other quarterback" in the game, one Heisman-winning QB at that, Sam Bradford. But no. Au contraire, mi amie. I took it all in. Every single second of it. And I learned from it.

OMG, Did you know he was a Heisman winner, too? Who knew? OMG, Did you know that he's considering leaving Florida before his senior year to enter the NFL draft? Who knew? Did you know that he's a "different kind of quarterback" and could be drafted not as a QB (unless it's a back-up QB by a team that heavily utilizes the Wildcat offense...say Miami, e.g.) but maybe as a fullback, tailback or the like? WHO KNEW???? It's not like any sports show has mentioned that lately.

Or maybe, just maybe, you did not know about his mission trips to Panama and the Phillipines, or his time living in a leper colony. Did you know that "there are actually hundreds of children in that Phillipino village named after [Tebow]"????* I mean, seriously.....WHO KNEW?
* Actual quote.

So.......after much soul-searching, I hereby walk back my original statements proclaiming my apathy toward the Good Son Tebow. In fact, here are the words I wrote the day after the game to my husband in response to an emailed picture of Brother Tebow....further evidence of my epiphany:

I'm going to print this photo, cut out Gabe's face, insert mine, frame it and hang it on my office wall. Underneath it, I'm going to use calligraphy and write out John 3:16 followed by Tebow's name. I will also pledge, right now, to name my first born son -- OR DAUGHTER -- "Tim Tebow Smith" in honor of this great day.

I am also starting my letter to Arthur Blank, telling him that I believe the lord baby Jesus just told me that the Falcons MUST draft Tim Tebow in April. Then, I will say Blank & Dimitroff must promptly petition the NFL for permission to reduce our official playing roster number from 53 to 46 to allow Tim Tebow to play the new "Every Back" position -- replacing 2 running backs, 2 full backs, 2 tight ends and 1 offensive lineman. I will preface this by saying it's a smart business move in that it helps with our salary cap. Why pay 7 people when you can pay 1 superhuman? Then we can afford some stellar linebackers and cornerbacks. Well, maybe Tim can play those positions as well. What am I saying? Of COURSE he can.

Like the scripture reference to John 3:16 that Brother Tebow paints on his under-eye patches -- "For God so loved the world, He gave us his only begotten Son" -- I, too, realize the gift that God has given us in this remarkable football player. And I could have listened to the commentators go on about him...all. Night. Long.

PS....if you think I'm harsh on Tebow. You should have heard me rant about Mitt Romney. I'm a very bad person.

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