Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Offer

My father-in-law called at 9:30 this morning to see if Tyler and/or I would like to go to the Presidential Inauguration. Supposedly, he has a hotel room reserved.

Tyler said he would stay home, work, and take care of the dog; but he thinks that I should go.

Initially, I was unsure....unsure if I would be able to see/hear anything, unsure if I would be comfortable sharing my space on the Mall with 5 million of my closest (literally) friends, unsure if I wanted to spend 3 days with my slightly crazy father-in-law. However, I realized that:

  1. The historic nature of the event trumps all.
  2. I'll be able to see and hear so much, regardless of whether or not I see the actual swearing in or parade.
  3. Traveling with my crazy father-in-law might cause me to do things I ordinarily would be too scared to do. Tyler usually succumbs to my bowing out of things, due to fear. Tyler's dad will: embarrass me fully, make me anxious constantly, but probably help me experience things more fully in doing so.

Now that I've decided I want to go, I hope it actually happens. More updates as I get concrete information.


Sarah said...

Are you going/there already? I hope so!

ks said...

Unfortunately, father-in-law flaked out (as I expected he might), and I ended up staying home. I've been too bummed about it to update the blog post.

I watched the HBO concert yesterday and teared up about 10 times (happy tears!), so I'm sure tomorrow's viewing will be bawl-central. :)

Sarah said...

Ugh...I was hoping that wasn't the case, I hate to hear that! How could anyone flake out on that? Hmph. Well, all the cool kids will be warm at home, watching it on TV. It's going to be great, no matter what.