Thursday, October 23, 2008

A video for your Thursday morning

Thank you Boomers for all you did in the 1960s, but it's now it's our generation's turn. "Our moment is now."

Click below for our generation's version of protest propaganda:


Silver Turtle said...

Thanx for posting this. I'm about to go x-post it all over the interwebs.

Being a true Gen-Xer I was hesitant for a long time to get excited about Obama. I was (and sort of still am) cynical about government + 'the system'.

Now I'm an Obama fangirl.

ks said...

I'm glad! We've been cynical for too long. Hell, I didn't vote in 2000 & regretted it ever since. (At least I didn't vote for OHIO....ahem, Zac....ahem...sorry had to kid another reader.)

I wasn't jazzed about the options in 2004, but this year I finally got my mojo back. Obama tapped into that & woke me up, and for that I'm grateful.

I'm glad you like the vid....I thought it was way better than the video from the primaries, but that's just me. Thanks for reposting it on facebook.