Wednesday, July 2, 2008

List #4: Top 5 "Goldilock-Moments" at a rock show

Ever felt like the odd-man/woman out? Ever felt like you don't quite belong? Ever feel like "This one's too big...this one's too small?" I have. These are my top 5 "Goldilocks" moments at an indie rock (or other genre) show.

5. Phantom Planet (8/30/2004), The Cotton Club (Atlanta):
  • Reason #1 = Too Old.
  • Reason #2 = Too far behind on my OC knowledge. (see also Reason #1)
  • RESULT: Stayed until the end. Laughed at myself & my friend. Sang along to "California."

4. June of 44/Rex/Him ( 11/?/1996) The Rec Center Antioch College (Antioch, OH):
  • Reason = Too Sober. (For the weirdness that went on that night, that is... JO44 was one of my favorite bands at the time, but that was one WEIRD show.)
  • RESULT: Someone pulled the fire alarm, and the show ended early. We left Antioch shaking our heads, and are still confused to this day.

3. Reverend Horton Heat (9/4/2004) The Cotton Club (Atlanta):
  • Reason = Too Indie Rock. (The show was awesome, and I enjoyed it. If you could see the fans there, you'd know what I mean. For a visual think "forearm size"....think of the size of an indie rocker's wrist and an ironworker's wrist. Got it?)
  • RESULT: Drank many tall-boy PBR's for courage, stood next to my tall friend, and loved it.

2. The Gossip (2/?/2006) The Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta):
  • Reason #1 = Too Straight.
  • Reason #2 = (possibly?) Not Drunk Enough.
  • RESULT: Stayed for the whole show & was hit on by my tiny-lesbian friend who attended my wedding. She was, in fact, "drunk enough." I didn't mind much. I take what I can get. (Kidding!)

1. Modest Mouse (12/16/2007) Gwinnett Center Arena (Atlanta):
  • Reason #1 = Too knowledgable about the band's "personalities"
  • Reason #2 = Too old/cynical to enjoy it anymore (and therefore, mad at myself)
  • RESULT: Left after 3 songs. Vowed to love them as I remembered them, but won't see them live again. (For more on Modest Mouse shows, stay tuned to my upcoming "Top 5 Shows of All Time" and perhaps the more-entertaining "Top 5 Reasons NEVER to Visit Cleveland.")


comoprozac said...

I think that I know that Modest Mouse in Cleveland story.

ks said...

if it involves the criminal justice system and a botched recycling attempt by ben r & certain korean guy stepping into the arrest..then, yes, you know the story.

i always did hang around a rough crowd.

Silver Turtle said...

OMG this post is awesome. Mostly because I know the feeling of not quite belonging - ESPECIALLY at some shows. Heck, @ the ComFest Off Ramp stage - which is Indie Rocker heaven - Carlos + I probably looked like middle-aged losers who stumbled into the wrong tent at the wrong time. Even though we WERE there for the music. Sometimes I'm tempted to ask people if it's painful to be THAT HIP all the time.

John "Cleveland Rocked" DeHass said...

Um, I recall the Cleveland incident with no small amount of fondness, thank you very much...haha...