Friday, April 25, 2008

Random thoughts Friday

I don't have time for a whole post right now, so I'm just scrawling some things down that I intend to write on at some point.

- First is a series of "Conversations with C"....I've had some pretty interesting discussions with someone that usually sounds like a FoxNews junkie. You know someone who usually spouts off soundbites straight from Hannity or O'Reilly, and sounds like little thought has gone into finding out actual truths. The difference between 'truth' and 'truthiness.' We discussed Obama, capital gains tax, and climate change. It was a pretty interesting back-and-forth, so I'd like to publish some of the conversation.

-My trip to Savannah last weekend, and how I'm a ghost hunter. (Ghost detector, rather)

-Communitarian? Is that what I am? Food for thought.

-Thomas Merton & "Success"

-The hilarious juxtaposition of an "America End Your Evil Ways 'Cause Jesus Is Coming" billboard next to a billboard for "Uncontested Divorces $499" and "Package Store Next Exit" billboards.

-The awful, awful prospect of switching to some uber-crunchy 'alternative' diet to combat my body's faltering nervous system. No caffeine??? No tomatoes? No gluten?? No alcohol??? YIKES! Sounds pretty hi-maintenance and unenjoyable. I love food. I love coffee. Although, I hate being in pain. Dr. Weil's anti-inflammation diet sounds a little more do-able. I'm not good at follow-through, though.

On that note, I must go fill up my pain-inducing but necessary coffee cup.

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