Thursday, April 17, 2008

Give back! Support your local indie record store!

This Saturday is "Record Store Day," celebrating independent record stores throughout the country. Too bad I won't be anywhere near my favorite store of all time ear x-tacy, or a close runner up from c-bus -- Used Kids Records.

"I've always enjoyed the record shops....they gave me a reason to leave my house." - Pete Yorn
I remember a time or two during my college years at Capital when I skipped class and headed off to High Street. I always ended up at Used Kids perusing the used CD racks and vinyl bins. Back in those days Used Kids was a tiny subterranean bunker of sorts, crammed full of treasures just waiting for me to discover. I even had my car towed once while I lingered endlessly in that shithole of a store. (Damn McDonalds parking lot...) Just another sacrifice made to the indie rock alter, i guess...

And ear x-tacy has profited a bit from me over the years, too....I usually went in for one thing....or just out of sheer boredom...and came out with 10 CDs in hand. How I ever afforded it, I don't know. But hey, I guess gas was a little cheaper then.

I know it's easier to download music these days, and that whole gas-price-thing doesn't help your budget either. But if you're near your local record shop on Saturday, stop in. Linger a little. Browse the bins. Give back to the peeps that gave you a refuge and a soundtrack to go with it.


Silver Turtle said...

Hey I was just @ Used Kids like a week ago! It's upstairs now, 'cause there was a fire awhile back. But it still feels like you're in a basement. And you know what else was weird - I wasn't the only girl in the place! Usually it's filled with guys looking for misc. rare vinyl or some obscure EP. It threw me off a little to encounter another girl looking for music - I read something recently about the difference between how men experience 'popular' music vs. women - from the teen years on - and the basic consensus was that it's more important to men in general.

ks said...

yeah, i heard about the fire a few yrs ago. i'd love to read that article about men v. women & the record store experience...i totally buy it. i've been the only girl in a store many a time.

hey, i was talking about you & our 'tank girl' soudntrack-night back in freshman yr and how we shaved my head. i was recounting it to my boss over margaritas. funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

You said "How I ever afforded it, I don't know."

I think I know... Just maybe, you occasionally pulled the "poor starving daughter" act on a couple of gullible Ps!!!

ks said...

for the record, i don't believe i 'pulled that' during my junior year. (senior yr maybe) i spent all my grinders paychecks junior yr. on records & thrift stores. the $$ from the P's went to more 'responsible things' like rent & utilities. so there.