Monday, February 18, 2013

The shirts are here!

If you've been following along on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I decided to make #teamkristen t-shirts so that friends and family could show support as I went through this little life-detour we call "cancer."  I'm not a huge fan of the ubiquitous pink ribbon emblems, so I wanted to make my anti-cancer statement in a more black and white way. This also allows all of my guy friends to sport one without looking as ridiculous as NFL players do throughout the month of October. (Fuchsia cleats, really? Please.)

Not to knock's just not my style. But these shirts...these are more Kristen - or #teamkristen to be exact. Also? PUNS ARE FUN.

So here they are.  There's a mens version and a ladies version.  Some of you may end up with a free one -- yes, Dad, yours is free.  But if you're across the country or if you just want to throw in $11 to help me cover the costs of the shirts/shipping/etc, I created a little store thingy to help facilitate the Paypal transaction and shipping instructions. You asked, I answered. Now we just see if you guys were kidding....


Men's Crew-Neck Tee:

Ladies' V-Neck Tee:

UPDATE 3/28/13:
I have youth sizes now!! Actually, I'm sold out of the XS and am low on S at the moment, but I should be getting more.   But here's the shop for that:

Also, if you don't use Paypal or prefer to pay cash or check, feel free to email me via the "Email Me" button on the right. 

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