Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yes, I know I haven't updated in a while.

What have I been up to, you ask? I'd love to say something really important, but I haven't been preoccupied with anything too profound: primarily just some Twittering, some gardening, some baking, and now this project.

See, my pantry is OUT OF CONTROL. I have put off its reorganization week after week. The result? It's a mess.

I finally broke down this weekend and decided to tackle the chore. This picture is a shot of (almost) everything from the pantry, in the middle of my kitchen floor.

So....I've gone from one mess to creating a much larger -- and much more "in the way" -- mess. So much for organization.

I did find the weirdest things while cleaning, like two kinds of protein powder that expired in 2007. And TWO (full!) bottles of rice vinegar....Oh, and some dried apricots that look more like prunes than apricots. Yummy; well maybe not. See the result of my chaos? Things hide in dark corners and go to waste. I must try a little better. And seriously, who needs TWO things of rice vinegar??

Now the plea for help: Think some positive organizing thoughts for me to give me the strength to "carry on." With your support, I'm sure I can power through this "daunting task."

[Now, if my Mom figures out how to comment with Google "eating it," I'm sure you can expect comments like "Get a life dork..." or "You come by your pantry-clutter honestly..." or something to that effect. Cue snarky remarks now.]

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