Thursday, June 12, 2008

More evidence that coffee is good for you

As I sit here sipping my morning coffee, I find this article which explains again why and how coffee is beneficial (er, necessary) to productivity. It goes into detail how to optimize your caffeine uptake...."maximize your mocha mojo," maybe?

It turns out sugar can help:
The beneficial effects of caffeine may be most pronounced in conjunction with sugar. For example, one factor analytic study has shown caffeine-glucose cocktails provide benefits to cognition not seen with either alone.

I no longer sugar my coffee (Just cream please!), and I've eliminated most of those frilly, Starbucks concoctions.

However, this revelation may explain how I aced my way through some finals in college. My "cocktail of choice" was a Double Mocha and a Coke. I would head to Radio Cafe with study materials in hand and order both from one of my darling friends/baristas (usually my fellas: Dehass, Harnetty or Purslow), and alternate between the two sugar-laden beverages. The combo provided the rocket fuel needed to pore through Tillich's Dynamics of Faith or the chronological history of Mozart's works.

The added sugar-jolt from Coca-Cola helped the caffeine from both beverages surge to the corners of my brain to provide the extra space needed in which to cram information....a "brain lube," I suppose. Anyhow, it works. I've tried it, and I've seen the A+ on a Skrade Ethics 401 final, no less. All fueled by sugar and caffeine.

And if I wasn't prone to hand tremors now (due to my whacko nervous system), I could employ this technique at work & probably increase my production by about 500%. Oh well, I suppose I'll stick with my regular joe and resign myself to the regular 78% productivity level.


Silver Turtle said...

I tend to subscribe to the "everything in moderation" philosophy - some coffee, some sugar, etc.

You did make me nostalgic for Radio Cafe, though.

comoprozac said...

Ah, yes, Radio Cafe.

However, there is also information that, get this, sleep might be more beneficial than caffeine and sugar together.

ks said...

I do get my snooze on, too. Usually 7-8 hrs. 7 hrs if I get sucked into the Daily Show/Colbert Report hour.