Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blogga, please...

Well, I got some blog love from my pal over at Living In Misery, so I felt obliged to update the blog. (Couldn't possibly disappoint the people he re-directed to me, could I?)

I've neglected the blog somewhat, recently, because I've been smokin' busy. It seems everyone I'm related to or with whom I'm friends is either: having a major birthday, getting married, passing away, or bribing me with deep-sea fishing trips and beer. Anything to keep me away from the computer, I guess. We can call it "3 weddings, a funeral, a birthday party and a beach" kind of summer.

First, my grandfather passed away in early-June. I haven't gathered the courage to take the time to write about my trip back to eastern Kentucky for the funeral, and I'm not sure I have it yet tonight. Let's just say that nine years has passed since the last time I went home ("home" as in, "where I'm really from" not "home = where my parents live & where I last resided") to Whitesburg, KY, and it was quite an emotional trip for me. Hopefully, sometime soon, I'll be able to write up something on that trip, the funeral, and my father's eulogy because it really WAS something special.

The next week and weekend was spent preparing for my grandma's big 80th birthday bash here in Atlanta. My grandmother on my mom's side is a VERY special person in my life...after all, she's let me live with her 4 times since moving to Atlanta -- and TWO of those times she let Tyler live there, too! -- so this was a big deal to me. I helped my mom and my mother's various siblings prepare for the big to-do, even doing all of the flowers for the event. Here's a sample of my handiwork:

Pretty nice, huh? Just kidding. It was a lot of work to do all of the arrangements, but it was the least I could do for my Grandma who has done so much for me.

The next weekend was spent preparing Tyler and his sister's boyfriend, Adam, for the Muddy Buddy race they signed up for. It's a 5-mile bike/run race complete with obstacles that probably deserves a post all of its own due to the pictures, alone. However, I'll just give one here to whet your appetite:

I'm such a proud wife. (Tyler's on the right, by the way.) I mean, seriously, how can you NOT be proud of a man wearing women's shorty-shorts, a child's t-shirt, tube socks and all covered in mud? After all, they came in 19th in their age bracket. I'm beaming!

That brings us to this weekend, which brings us to the first of the "3 weddings" series (now that we've already discussed the one funeral and one 'b-day bash.'). Our good friend, Laura, is getting hitched to a pretty cool guy, and we're happily attending the ceremony. Later in July, we will attend wedding #2 -- that of Tyler's co-worker Troy -- where we will, most likely, know not a soul in the room. Then in September, we'll head to NYC for one of T's best-friend's wedding. We're pretty stoked about that trip, not just for the wedding (because the girl he's marrying is AWESOME), but also because it gives us an excuse for a mini-vacation back to New York.

And that finally leads us to the "fishing and beer" lure I referred to in the beginning of the post. We'll spend the holiday weekend in Savannah with our friends, Phillip and Jonathan. (I can't even begin to explain how nice it is to have friends with parents that live in such a wonderful place.) I learned this week that their dad has arranged for a deep-sea fishing trip for us on Saturday. Can I TELL you how EXCITED I AM??!?! I'm psyched beyond belief. I'm not sure why.....I don't think I've been so excited about something like this in a while. Does that make me weird? I'm not sure. All I know for sure is that I am GOING to catch some Amberjack and am going to have my picture taken with my catch like this chick (minus the big boobs).

I hope I didn't disappoint anyone sent over from como's site at LIM. I realize I didn't mention either Obama or Superchunk, so I apologize. Perhaps next time. For the time being, I urge you to go listen to an old Donovan record if you want some lo-key rock and activism.

Later at ya later.


comoprozac said...

It's inner-blogger pressure...

I'll do almost anything for a shout-out.

No disappointment here. The top five lists are a good idea, though.

ks said...

Thanks again!