Friday, May 9, 2008

A "Lost" theory

For anyone who watches's some food for thought.

The smoke monster is a wormhole. That explains the time difference between the freighter and the island. That also would explain "where" (I say "where" but don't I ultimately mean "when"?) Ben went before letting ol' Smokey loose on the freighter folk?

Plus, Daniel Faraday's equation on the chalkboard in the episode "The Constant" was the Kerr Metric Equation. ...which I believe is generally related back to the dude that came up with the wormhole concept. Obviously from my "that dude" language, I'm not into all of that time-travel-science-stuff; but I really think that wormholes are the central theme to the "how's" of the island.

Now we just have to see how they "move the island" to save themselves.

Yeah. That should be easy.

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