Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Good reads for midweek

I encourage you to check out this Street Prophets post on the importance of narratives, and the need for new racial narratives. I found it to be right-on and a good call for our society. It also reminded me much of the idea of one's 'grounding' or ethos, back from my days in Skrade's Ethics class at Capital (a rather enlightening and life-altering class, if there ever was one).

While you're over there also scroll down and read the "Obama and Intelligent Design" post. Another post in which I second the notion. As my mother explained to me at a somewhat early age: "Evolution shows us how the world was created while creation stories show us why."

It's not one or the other. It made perfect sense to me as a kid, and it was all I really needed to know. I just never really understood--after hearing this in the most simple, yet profound way-- why this debate carries on with such ferocity.

Anyhoo...i'm tired and am off to bed. Nighty-night, world. (and by 'world' I mean the 2 people that may read this post...)


Silver Turtle said...

Skrade was one of my very favorite people @ Capital, and his Ethics class one of my favorite classes. I was so close to declaring a religion minor just so I could take more courses from him, but couldn't work it into my schedule.

ks said...

me and you both. his class literally changed my life. (this is carrie, right?) :) thanks for reading! so my blog ISN'T just like the tree that fell in a forest with no one to hear. lol!

Silver Turtle said...

Yep, it's me! Oddly enough, I was @ Capital the past 2 nites for recitals. Last night was Doc Loch's keyboard recital - it mostly featured students and it was titled "Doc Loch & the Rock Company". The man played a KEYTAR. Anyways - I'm good about reading my blog feed most days, although I don't always comment.

ks said...

wow... a KEYTAR! That's rad. He was always really cool in a really dorky way.

Silver Turtle said...

That's just it - he's so incredibly dorky, but @ the same time such a cool guy. The flashing "I heart keytar" sign behind him just confirmed his absolute geekness.