Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dept. of random thoughts

This post is dedicated to my old Captial gal pals and our 'random thought' notebook.

Some random thoughts:
- is it April 24th yet? I'm ready for more Lost.
- i'm using apple cider vinegar to get rid of a 4-yr old, indesctructable, plantar wart-- and as kooky as it sounds, it's actually working...and it's free since i have vinegar and bandaids readily available. Although, I smell a little like fish and chips when I go to bed at night.
- i'm not sure i can live without coffee, and now i have scientific proof that it does in fact sustain my life
- did you know i can 'whisper' to many types of animals? even sting rays. yep, that's right.
- the shrimp had no choice to listen after i bopped it on its head
- i do love animals; don't call PETA
- i have to wake up at 4am on saturday for a work thing and i'm not happy. why do charities feel the need to hold their functions at ungodly early hours? i'm far more generous after 8am.
- i understand people's want to protest china's treatment of tibet, but do we have to get in the way of the olympics? the athletes don't deserve it. they are not china....they're just citizens of the world that have worked for this goal for their whole lives. please disrespect china, but not the athletes. i'm related to an athlete whose career was changed when the US boycotted the Moscow Olympics, and i just hate it that the accomplishments of this year's athletes may ultimately be overshadowed by foreign politics.
- is it friday yet?
- better yet, is it next friday yet? (i'm headed off to savannah next weekend for crab-eating, shark-fishing and shrimp-bopping. hooray!)
- i seem to be rather impatient this morning, eh?

that's it....random thoughts ran out because my coffee cup is empty

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